This is one of my favorite articles about gardening that i read  in It’s very useful experience of one farmer family. Let’s check out what they wrote in their article and how they save over $2,400 every year by growing their garden:

“So I don’t know if you know this by now but I really really love my garden you guys. I love the way it looks, I love the way it smells, and I love the feeling of accomplishment when you grow something yourself that you can feed to your family. I know exactly where it came from and that it is good for the little bodies that God put me in charge of.

There is one other thing I love…. I love that I am making a difference in our financial wellness by putting in a few hours of work each week to grow us some fruits and veggies. Here’s the thing…. Until last night, I didn’t actually know just how big of a difference I was making. I figured a few hundred dollars or so, not a few thousand!