Up Cycle Furniture


Just look at this incredible transformation! You would never have guessed that these two pieces of furniture are the same! Sounds unbelievable? Then check out the ATTHEPARK’S blog by Julie Park. A coating of paint, swapping out the handles and removing some of the draws was all it took to achieve this fabulous look.

Charming Layout

© Etsy

If you are thinking of splitting your largest room into 2 separate ones by putting up a new wall, try starting with temporary partitions or curtains. Here  you can find some incredible designs.

Colorful Walls

© The New Domestic

If you dream of vibrantly colored walls, don’t be afraid to try daring solutions and diverse prints. Click on this link to find detailed instructions on how to create such beauty!

Glow-in-the-dark Table

© mikeasaurus

Why pay outrageous sums for designer furniture when you can create your own with the help of glow powder and casting resin? Click here to learn how to make this trendy glow-in-the-dark table!