10. Herb infuser

This infuser is specifically designed for those who hate pieces of herbs or onion inside their plate. With this device, the broth will be so much better!


9. Silicone oil dispenser

This manual dispenser will help to spread oil equally on any surface. Now there will be no oily spots on hands or the table. Very useful!


8. 3-core infusion water pitcher

This water pitcher has 3 replaceable cores for ice, fruits, and tea. An awesome thing! Especially for those who love self-made drinks.


7. Heating knife

This knife is designed to replace a regular toaster. When cutting bread, the knife’s blade gets heated, and the slice of bread gets toasted. In reality, the temperature is only enough to melt and spread butter.


6. Melon Knife-Slicer-Corer

This multifunctional device will help you peel a honeydew melon, slice it, and even remove the seeds from its core. And your hands are clean!